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A Letter From the Director

A greeting from Rev. Kevin Van Brunt, Executive Director of Camp Sentinel.

Since 1949, the Lord has been at work throughout our camp and retreat ministry. We welcome you to enjoy and renew yourself on the stillness of the grounds.

Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for Christian relationship building and spiritual renewal. Within the stillness of God’s creation and through the guidance of the staff, people are moved from discovery into authentic relationships with others and with Jesus Christ.  

This mission happens through participation in our summer residential camp, church and community group experiences, individuals who come to renew themselves in a family camping experiences in Sentinel Pines or just enjoying time in the stillness on the grounds of Camp Sentinel.  

Thank you for your dedication and I look forward to growing in our faith journey together.

In His Service,

Rev. Kevin Van Brunt
President/Executive Director
Camp Sentinel

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