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Save $50 on your first session of Boys and Girls Overnight Camp or Two-Week Camp.
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Boys and Girls Overnight Sessions:
BG1: July 7th - July 13th 
(Pastor: Mark Jackson; Worship: Adam Shortsleeves)
BG2: July 14th - July 20th 
(Pastor: Chris Dunaway; Worship: Nathan Wells)
BG3: July 21st - July 27th 
(Pastor: Dean Stiles; Worship: Matt Beem)
BG4: Aug 4th - Aug 10th 
(Pastor: Brandon Dupuis; Worship: TBA)

2019 Summer Bible Study Theme

Distinct (dis · tinct — adjective)
recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type.

This summer we will explore the practice of Godliness in our lives. Godliness is the idea of a personal attitude towards God that results in actions that are pleasing to God. We don’t need any special talent or equipment, God has given each one us “everything we need for a life of Godliness”. Each day we will look at a different attitude trait to gain a deeper understanding of who God is and who we are in Him. We do this to know God and make Him known.